Frequently Asked Questions

What is Power Funnel System?

It's a powerful FREE marketing system built to make it easy for anyone to grow their B-ECO business. The system handles all of the email follow ups to your prospects and every email they receive will contain your affiliate link to the B-ECO opportunity so that when they are ready to get started it will be you that they join.

Who created Power Funnel System?

This marketing system was created and is maintained by Steve Dawson, an independent B-ECO affiliate just like you.

Who can use Power Funnel System?

Anyone can use it, PFS was built to help everyone grow the B-ECO opportunity and you can use it for free forever, but if you find it useful, perhaps you'd consider buying me a coffee to help support the hosting costs and further development of the system.

Where do I set my B-ECO username in Power Funnel System?

Hover over the Admin Area menu above and click the System Setup link

Can I change my B-ECO username?

Login to your B-ECO back office here and submit a support ticket via the support link in the top menu

* Make sure to set your username in PFS to match your username in B-ECO before you start sharing your link.

Where are my Power Funnel System custom links for sharing?

Hover over the Admin Area menu above and click 'Links & Marketing'

*Make sure to check this section often as I'll be adding new 'fresh' lead capture pages for you to share.

Where can I see the people that I have referred to Power Funnel System?

Hover over the Admin Area menu above and click 'Your Referrals'

*Make sure to read the explantion text at the top of your referrals page to understand exactly what you will see there.

What follow up emails are sent to people that I refer to Power Funnel System?

The Power Funnel System segments the opportunity seekers who subscribe via your custom link into 3 categories. Prospect, Free Member and Paid Member.

PROSPECT: A person who opts in to watch the video and then does not create a PFS account is considered a prospect and they will receive a follow up email series containing your link, and encouraging them to come back and take another look at the presentation.

FREE MEMBER: A person who was a prospect but moved to the next step and created a free account here in PFS. Some of these people will immediately join the opportunity and become a Paid Member, but for those that don't they will receive a follow up email series encouraging them to sign into their PFS account and get started with the opportunity.

PAID MEMBER: These are people who went through the entire funnel and became paid members. As the majority of people do this within the first 24 hours of being shown the opportunity then they will never receive a prospect or free member email.

Paid members will receive emails with announcements on trainings, webinars, marketing methods, tips and tricks.

Is there a facebook page for Power Funnel System?

We are planning to launch our facebook page on Tuesday 10th May, we will inform you via email when it goes live.

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