2x2 Marketing method

The 2x2 Marketing Method

Watch the 2x2 marketing method video below then follow the instructions to get started building your team.

Your Custom Link:

IMPORTANT: If your email address is part of your custom URL you need to go back and set a custom username HERE!

This is your default URL for sharing. We monitor all marketing pages and set the best converting page to this link.

(your prospects will receive follow up emails containing your link encouraging them to join you)


How Do We Know That This Method Works?

At Power Funnel System we know exactly how many people opt-in with their email address to watch the opportunity presentation and we also know what number of those people then join the business opportunity. With this basic data, we know that statistically, 9 out of every 100 people (9.23%) who watch the presentation go on to join B-ECO

That does not mean that if you send junk paid for traffic to the site you will get the same results, or any results at all, but if you send messages via email, text, or social media to people who personally know you then this system and method will work.

What Do You Need To Do?

Step 1:  Set yourself a goal to share this with at least 100 people in the next 7 days.

Step 2: Choose from the following ways to make your goal happen.

a.) Send an email to 15 people from your address book every day for 7 days. (see the suggested email content below)

b.) Send a text or WhatsApp message to 15 people from your address book every day for 7 days. (suggested message below)

c.) Send a direct message on Facebook to 15 friends every day for 7 days. (see the suggested message content below)

* You can use any combination of the above, as long as you send at least 15 every day for at least 7 days.


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